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Overall Results: Adrian Archibald: Red Bull Honda's

Production 600TT: 5th: Silver Replica International Club Team Award - 1st. MCRRC of Ireland.

Senior TT: ( Superbike )6th: Silver Replica - Fastest Lap - 18:16.4 @ 123.88 mph

Junior TT 600cc: 7th: Silver Replica International Club Team Award - 1st. MCRRC of Ireland

Production 1000 TT: 9th: Silver Replica International Club Team Award - 1st. MCRRC of Ireland

Formula 1 TT: ( Superbike ) DNF - Retired on lap 4 in fifth position. exhaust problems. Fastest Lap - 18:14.6 @ 124.06 mph

Practice Times: -

Formula 1/ Senior TT - 3rd - 18:24.7 @ 122.95 mph

Production 1000cc - 2nd - 18:38.8 @ 121.41 mph

Junior 600cc - 1st - 18:51.7 @ 120.02 mph

Production 600cc - 8th - 19:57.02 @ 113.45 mph

Isle of Man TT 2002 Practice & Race Report - Red Bull Honda's

Practice was severely disrupted by bad weather, wind, rain & mist causing great difficulty in testing and checking our machinery. Saturday 25th May was a washout in the morning and whilst one lap was done on Saturday evening, the lack of visibility and slippery road surface were hazardous.

Monday evening was dull but dry and Adrian seized the opportunity to set the quickest lap on the Formula 1 bike in a highly respectable 18:27.7 @ 122.95 mph.

It was not until Thursday afternoon that the weather again gave us decent conditions. Dry and dull again, Adrian was busy trying his rebuilt Junior 600 TT Honda, the Formula 1 Superbike and the Production CBR 600 Honda. Five laps in total were achieved and the 600cc Production bike was put to bed with a time of 19:57.5 @ 113.45 mph, handling and engine declared okay !

Friday evening saw the rebuilt Junior 600 Honda up on the start line following the water pump propeller problem that had seen the machine seize rectified. Adrian put in two very fine laps, a standing start lap of 19:08.05 @ 118.22 mph and a flying lap of 18:51.07 @ 120.02 mph, this was the quickest lap on a 600cc machine during practice week, so we believed the bike was handling and going okay engine wise.

The Formula 1 Red Bull Honda has also had the engine checked over by Frank Wrathall Developments, our Honda engine tuner and Adrian put in a lap on Friday prior to Saturdays Formula 1 TT and having tried some handling modifications, we returned to the earlier settings and declared the machine ready for the next day !

Formula 1 TT: Saturday 1st June 2002 - 6 Laps

Lap 1 - Adrian: Red Bull Honda Fireblade - 18:22.5 @ 123.20 mph - 4th

Lap 2 - Adrian: Red Bull Honda Fireblade - 18:14.8 @ 124.06 mph - 3rd

Lap 3 - Adrian: Red Bull Honda Fireblade - 19:23.1 @ 116.78 mph - 5th

Lap 4 - Adrian: Red Bull Honda Fireblade - 18:28.3 @ 122.56 mph - 5th

At the end of lap two coming in for a refuel and a back tyre, Adrian's machine refused to start in the stop box at the pits and was difficult to restart on leaving the pits afterwards and our mechanic Simon informed us that the exhaust silencer was starting to break up ! Sure enough, at the end of lap four Adrian again arrived back in the pits for his second refuel and tyre stop only to shake his head sadly. The silencer had broken up completely making the bike so far down on power, it was useless carrying on. We were left with no alternative but to retire from the race.

1000cc Production TT: Monday 3rd June 2002 - 3 Laps

Lap 1 - Adrian: Red Bull Honda Fireblade - 18:55.3 @ 119.64 mph - 8th

Lap 2 - Adrian: Red Bull Honda Fireblade - 18:58.6 @ 119.58 mph - 10th

Lap 3 - Adrian: Red Bull Honda Fireblade - 18:24.3 @ 116.66 mph - 9th

Unfortunately Adrian's progress in this race was hampered when the right hand handlebar became slack. This obviously did not inspire confidence and Adrian was brave to have pushed as hard as he had in the circumstances.

600cc Junior TT: Wednesday 5th June 2002 - 4 Laps

Lap 1 - Adrian: CBR600 Red Bull Honda - 19:21.5 @ 116.94 mph - 6th

Lap 2 - Adrian: CBR600 Red Bull Honda - 19:21.4 @ 116.95 mph - 8th

Lap 3 - Adrian: CBR600 Red Bull Honda - 19:43.3 @ 114.78 mph - 8th

Lap 4 - Adrian: CBR600 Red Bull Honda - 19:04.6 @ 118.66 mph - 7th

Adrian lined up No 4 with the fastest lap in this class throughout practice and having taken the lap record to new heights two years ago, expectations were high in the team for this race. What a disappointment, from the very first lap Adrian found his machine lacked speed and grunt and was a shadow of it's former self. When several riders with higher starting numbers passed Adrian, he found he could not even slipstream them and while Adrian was able to pull the competition in through the corners they just rode away from him on the straights. Adrian and the team were gutted and the engine is undergoing a major stripdown to asses what went wrong on the day.

600cc Production TT: Friday 7th June 2002 - 3 Laps

Lap 1 - Adrian: CBR600 Production Red Bull Honda - 19:28.6 @ 116.23 mph - 10th

Lap 2 - Adrian: CBR600 Production Red Bull Honda - 19:14.8 @ 117.62 mph - 9th

Lap 3 - Adrian: CBR600 Production Red Bull Honda - 19:54.7 @ 114.65 mph - 5th

By now Adrian's confidence had suffered and although we had tested both his Production machine and this afternoon's Senior TT - Honda Fireblade in the Wednesday afternoon practice and declared both bikes okay, the delayed start due to inclement weather only added to our worries !

We finally got the race underway one hour late when the mist on the mountain had lifted to allow sufficient visibility. The excellent start made by Adrian, which was the quickest of the week was the only real bright feature of this three lap race when again our 600cc Honda simply did not have the legs of the Suzuki's and Yamaha's ahead of us.

Senior TT: Friday 7th June 2002 - 6 Laps

Lap 1- Adrian: Red Bull Honda Superbike - 18:28.6 @ 122.52 mph - 5th

Lap 2- Adrian: Red Bull Honda Superbike - 18:16.4 @ 123.88 mph - 6th

Lap 3- Adrian: Red Bull Honda Superbike - 19:29.7 @ 116.12 mph - 7th

Lap 4- Adrian: Red Bull Honda Superbike - 18:13.0 @ 124.27 mph - 7th

Lap 5- Adrian: Red Bull Honda Superbike - 19:13.3 @ 117.77 mph - 6th

Lap 6- Adrian: Red Bull Honda Superbike - 18:88.1 @ 121.48 mph - 6th

The six lap Senior TT again consisted of two pitstops for fuel and back tyre to be fitted. Yes, you're right. Looking at our two pitstop times after laps two and four we screwed up each time, Fumbling, inaccurate replacing of the fuel cap which inevitably cost Adrian so much time he just could not get into the top three position he so richly deserved after such a troubled week.

Adrian is now with his time of 18:13.0 @ 124.27 mph, the sixth fastest ever rider on the Isle of Man and his 2000 Junior 600cc TT record remains unbeaten, but that is scant consolation for a TT, which promised so much and resulted in so little.

Skerries Road Races 2002

Using our 2002 Honda Fireblade chassis for the first time, we established a clear three second advantage in qualifying due to a superb handling motorcycle and totally motivated Adrian at the controls. With no policing of the Supersport 600 ' standard engine spec' rules, onw can only guess what state of ' tune ' Adrian's competitors machines were in. Our bike was the standard 600cc Production machine used on the Isle of Man and now prepared for the remaining rounds of the Irish Regal 600 Championship.

The 600 Supersport race was a cracking battle between Kawasaki, Suzuki and Honda, and it was Gary Jess ( Yamaha ) who finished 0.43 seconds in front of the Kawasaki of Ryan Farquhar, then 0.89 seconds adrift came Richard Britton on his Suzuki and just 0.10 seconds behind came Adrian on the Red Bull CBR600 Honda. Adrian lined up on pole position for the Coca Cola Superbike race mounted on the Red Bull Honda Superbike, but was beaten off the grid by Richard Britton 1000cc Suzuki and Ryan Farquhar `1000cc Yamaha R1. Adrian stayed itn third for seven of the nine laps, passing Richard on lap eight and taking the lead from Ryan Farquhar on the last lap to record a superb race win breaking the lap record in the process. So Red Bull Honda triumphed in ther Coca Cola sponsored Superbike race ! Brilliant !

Adrian Archibald: Red Bull Honda CBR 954 " New Lap Record ": 1:39.93 @ 105.194 mph

The final invitation race of the day again featured the three main protagonists and an equally tight race ensued between Adrian, Richard and Ryan, Honda,Suzuki and Yamaha. Adrian once again tailed Richard and Ryan and then with two laps to go having demoted Richard to third on the penultimate lap Adrian hit the front, Heading down the very tight section towards the Hairpin Adrian was slowed by a backmarker which allowed Ryan Farquhar to move back onto Adrian's back wheel and as they crossed the line Ryan got the verdict by just 0:67 of a second with Richard four seconds adrift in third place.

Adrians Skerries Results: Supersport 600 Race: 4th Coca Cola Superbike Race: 1st Grand Final Superbike Race: 2nd

The massive crowd ( estimated at 25,000 ) had witnessed some superb close action at lap record breaking speeds in all the days races in dry conditions and went home happy.

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