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     All the MCUI ( UC) Championships NOW available for Download from the 2004 Race Archives


It is with great pleasure that I can announce the Supersport 600 class has FINALLY gone Open for 2005. That means Tuned, which also means those competitors that really want to succeed WILL find the money and will upgrade their machines and there will be no arguments about cheating, That should please a few riders who have come under suspicion over the years.

Sponsorship  Opportunity


Do you fit the following requirements:

Will you be 21 or under on the 1st March 2005 ?

  Are you either being promoted or moving from Clubmans 125cc Class at the end of the 2004 season ?

  Would you be like to be riding a 600cc machine at National level in 2005. ?

  Do you live in Northern Ireland or the Irish Republic ?

  Do you think you have what it takes to be a successful motorcycle racer ?

If the answers to the above questions are YES

You might be the person we are looking for !

e-mail us  [email protected]

State your Name, Age, Address,

Nationality and licence number. Enclose a brief CV of your racing career to date



2005 CBR1000RR 

  Full specifications to follow.   5,250.00




         As long as we can get hold of the results on the day, they will be available in full for download in PDF format.  PDF files are accessed by Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Nearly everyone has Adobe Acrobat Reader on their computer but if you have not got it, this programme is freely available on virtually all the Computer Magazine cover disks.  Failing that you can download Acrobat Reader right HERE, and it's free. Free for the programme, Free for the service.




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One bike, four riders, three names !


     The wee bike has come a fair way since that epic return to the TT by Robert Dunlop in 1997 when Robert rode to a tremendous third place in the Ultra Lightweight TT.  By the time the picture of Robert appeared on the 1998 TT race guide cover, the bike had been purchased by me and Ryan Rainey had started his racing career on her.  Ryan rode the little Honda for two years in the Irish Clubmans Championship with the addition of outings in National events.

 Following Ryan's move to the 600 class, Gary Dunlop took over the Allstar Honda and used it in his debut racing year.  Bits of this machine have also been used at varying times by John Anderton, the Laverty brothers ( which ones I know not ) and no doubt their have been others, None I may add who have ever said thank you.

At the end of 2002 in a bid to save Bill Simpson some money ( he was going to waste his money on an Aprilia )  I gave Bill the bike for his son Iain to ride in the 2003 season ( another debut season ).  Bill must have wondered if he had done the right thing, for the bike had been "neglected" somewhat.  Bill and Jack Simpson managed to get the bike sorted and Iain started his racing career ( though rather late in the season ) and he seems to be enjoying himself so he will be out on the bike again in 2004. The bike has undergone some alterations ( total refurbishment if I know Bill ) so we will be looking for big things from Iain in 2004 on the wee Allstar Honda run under the Bison Racing banner. Keep her lit Iain.  I reckon if they gave awards out to bikes as well as riders, our 125 Honda and Sandy McCutcheons 250 Honda would be loaded down with accolades.



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